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passionate home cook Yasmine Sander

Most Efficient Energy Booster

We all lead very busy lives. We all need quite a bit of energy to keep going. But at times, we feel as if we don't have access to the energy we need - right now. So some of us use energy boosters and supplements, just to keep going. And why? It's because not yet many of us know that our body fat is in fact the most efficient energy booster you could possibly use. Check out why this is the case and how you get your body to use your very own body fat as preferred fuel.

passionate home cook Yasmine Sander

Easy Healthy Food Recipes

I don't know about you, but I am 'just' a passionate Homecook; I just simply love to cook healthy food and I always aim to maximize my enjoyment of eating it - and flavors do play a huge role in that. But following complicated recipes is not really my way... I'm more the intuitive cook - if you know what I mean. So, I decided to share my recipes so that they can inspire you. Check out my small collection of healthy food recipes right here.


Cook Books and other inspiration

You see, I do actually have A LOT of cook books. I love to browse through all those recipes and get inspiration - and then I cook something else for dinner :-) So here is my tip: browse through recipes online or do the same as I do: browse through your cook books and then adjust the meal to your lifestyle diet. 


Healthy Diet Plan

There: I said it - Healthy Diet Plan... do you follow one? Yeah, I know... Diet Plans usually come with sooo many restrictions - they are just not funny. But you know what: I found a healthy diet plan which let's me still cook from the heart, with the heart and I know I use and eat healthy food. Check out which diet plan I'm following.

Understand what you're eating

From Oils to Fruit to Vegetables to Meat and Fish



What are those Macronutrients and how do they fit into your healthy food diet plan? The very essence that you should understand about macronutrients is that those things provide your body with needed energy. And there are only 3 different macronutrients to choose from: Fat and Oil, Protein and Carbohydrates.


Fruit is good, Right?

Look - yes, of course, Fruits provide us with important vitamines and minerals and fibre - and those things are called micronutrients (if you must know...). But they also provide us with Sugar - Fruit-Sugar or Fructose. And you see, sugar is of course one of the macronutrients that provide us with energy. Sugar belongs to the group of Carbohydrates. So in essence, Fruits are good, but too much might tip your diet plan out of balance. So treat them as special; like Nature's Candy.


The Thing with Carbohydrates

The thing with carbs is that they literally are EVERYWHERE. Our bodies seem to digest those carbs fairly easily and quickly - and this means that we do feel full fast, but we run out of steam (so to say) way faster than with other macronutrients. So how much carbs are considered healthy and what do you do if you really want to move around them? You see, I've decided to more or less cut out carbs from my diet. I'm not saying that I eat no carbohydrates at all; I do eat them, but way less than I used to. I feel much better without them and since I've trained my body to mainly get her energy from fat and oils, I very much enjoy my ketogenic diet.


Drumrolls please: my prefered energy source is...

... Oil and Fat. Sounds kinda counter-intuitive, right? I mean I'm talking about healthy food and healthy diet plans for crying out loud and I prefer fat and oil as energy source? My questioning thoughts exactly. But let me tell you that you will fairly quickly be 'convinced' that oil and fat are way better as energy source than the other 2 macronutrients if you gain a better understanding about them. If you wanted to, check out my ketogenic diet journal right here. In this journal, I share my 10 day reset story and how much I enjoy my new lifestyle today.